Skiing today with uncle Mike and guests. The Aussie, Liam Alrich, is a former Waterworld stunt performer, current show skier, and great hydrofoiler. He came by to test out one of Mike’s new Next Foils. Liam rips and loved Mike’s new foil, so he’s taking one with him. Justin Kolek is also a former Waterworld performer now living on the SoCal Coast. He and his dad Mark tried foiling for the first time today, but the results are confidential!  We all have run in the same circles, but have never met. The common thread being Peter Nelson and the Waterworld live show.


Uncle Mike setting up Liam’s new Next Foil


Liam floats a front flip on his brand new hydrofoil – He loves it!


Great riding, cameras with big lenses and uncle Mike cracking his stupid jokes…

“How do you circumcise a whale?…Four-skin divers!

Where to cows go on Saturday nite?..the mooooovies!”

We topped the whole thing off with a Aqua Skipper session – the human powered hydrofoil.


Justin’s first ride

Great times with new friends!


Justin as the Mariner in an entertaining Waterworld Promo

Aqua Skipper Demo with our crew

Mike Murphy and the History of Hydrofoiling