A Skurfer Tribute Ride with the Original Co-Founders: “Tony Finn” and John Hamilton!


Ride #18 of 50: Skiboard.

I’ve been training hard for my “50 for 50” in Summer 2015. That’s 50 different rides in 1 day to celebrate turning 50.

In the days before the original Hyperlite wakeboard (1991), these foam filled floaters were called skiboards. I got together yesterday with Skurfer co-founder John Hamilton for some throwback fun!

The ride is a tribute to Tony Finn, Skurfer co-founder and front man for an industry that gave people a new way to ride behind the boat.

The gear is near replica, 1986 The Fashion Air is Finn’s signature move.


^ Riding with Skurfer co-founder John Hamilton 


^Classic Fashion Air as Tony Finn!


^Skurfer Co-Founder John Hamilton on a Handshaped Board – Off the Lip and Hang 10!


1986 Cover with Tony Finn

AWSWB 86 Finn Cover

Classic Fashion Air: The Move that Started a Revolution!

Skurfer's Guide to Skiboarding Tony Finn Wakebaording