Like any good story, book, or movie, your run on the water can have an entertaining start, middle, and end. My years as a show skier and long-time exhibitionist have taught me to squeeze every moment out of each run.

Today’s tip is how to bring some attention to your last splash. Most riders end their run with an unaware handle toss. There’s so much more to be done, even if you’re a novice or intermediate rider!

The first step is to become aware that your landing is part of your run.

Whatever you do, do it with intention.


A simple hand plant with a slalom turn is a simple way to spice things up.

140822 Landing Slalom Hand Plant


It doesn’t matter what you ride, you can always try a few simple carves, make some spray, or use your arms and voice to increase the show value.


I’ve been thinking about landings lately. That’s because I’m so excited about making a 720 Tick-Landing this week on my new HO Freeride. It’s been more than 10 years!







Here’s a few ideas to try on a ski, wakeboard, foil, or kneeboard.




Backwards Landing

Tick Tock Landing

Body Slide Landing



I directed the instructional video “Hyperlite Boarding School” in 1996, and even though this video is a few years old, there’s lots of ideas for landings here.



Gainer Dismount &  Combo Gainer Dismount

00 Sky Ski Gainer Dismount




140822 Kneeboard 360 Landing Water Ski Magazine Klarich





There’s several landing variations in this short video.